Organizations have benefited from my services below. Contact me for further details.

Enterprise System Integrations

I've helped corporations extensively integrate their current systems with other systems to allow for smooth operations. Lots of things can go wrong and I have delivered countless times including cooperating with multiple teams to get projects across the finish line.

Enterprise SAML SSO Integration

I have experience helping corporations navigate the complicated world of SAML SSO with several enterprise products such as Google G Suite, Okta, Azure, and others to a variety of third parties like Salesforce, custom applications and more.

One-on-One Team Training

There are many corporate training companies that offer services, but leave your employees with basic information and to figure out the hard stuff all by themselves. I have trained employees one on one and made them self-sufficient to help fill in gaps in knowledge and allow them to hit the ground running.

Technical Advisory

If your team needs someone skilled in newer or obscure web technology I offer advisory level support