Software Consulting

I’m a software architect with over 16+ years of experience helping companies like yours update, improve and optimize their codebase.

I'm Jorge Colon, nice to meet you!

They say first impressions last forever. With that in mind I recorded this personal introduction so you can get to know me a little bit better.

Software Architecture

A solid foundation is incredibly important when it comes to complex systems. These architectural decisions can have a major impact on business goals (either positive or negative). Through a combination of analysis, collaboration, and hands on work I can ensure positive outcomes.

Systems Integration

I’ve helped corporations extensively integrate their current systems with other systems to allow for smooth operations. Lots of things can go wrong and I have delivered countless times including cooperating with multiple teams.

Team Training

Don’t leave your employees with basic information and to figure out the hard stuff all by themselves. I have trained employees one on one and made them self-sufficient to help fill in gaps in knowledge and allow them to hit the ground running.

Technical Advisory

Looking for someone skilled in niche or cutting-edge web technology? With over 15+ years of experience working with a variety of different companies I’m able to offer advisory level support you and your organization can rely on.

Are you ready to take the next step?

I’ve never had a client regret working with me, but I have had clients tell me they regret not calling sooner – reach out to me today!

Looking for something specific?

Don’t worry, with over 15+ years of experience as a software architect, I’ve learned about and worked with a variety of technologies. I’ve got you covered!

Frequently asked questions

Below you’ll find a list of questions that prospective clients have asked me the most. If you don’t see your question listed below, reach out to me directly.

Unfortunately I do not work with these types of arrangements. I do however work very closely with clients and keep in regular contact.  Depending on the project, it may be almost daily. I also limit the amount of clients I have at one time to give personalized attention.
Yes, not a problem. Many of my clients have actually benefited with the way I interact with 3rd party service providers and hold them accountable.
Yes and no. It won’t be a problem in terms of eventually understanding it. The problem is that if there isn’t documentation or someone who understands the system already, by obligation, I will need to spend a lot more effort figuring it out. This will mean that tasks may take 2-5 times longer than if I had documentation or someone with in depth knowledge of the system.
I take these types of projects on a case by case basis. Because of the urgency there is an added cost. If you think that I’m the right person to talk to please reach out and I’ll evaluate if I’m able to meet your needs.
I do not have an hourly rate. I have daily rates, retainer rates, and on some occasions a fixed rate. The price is dependent completely on the project and I always look at whether the value you’re receiving from me is more than what you’re paying me. Otherwise it wouldn’t make sense for both of us to move forward. Typically clients ask to see if I’m within their budget. Typically my project minimums are at $10k USD.

What are you waiting for?

I offer free consultations and I’m ready, willing and able to assist you in solving the complex issues that your business is facing.