More about Jorge

Hello! I’m Jorge Colon and there’s nothing quite like meeting face to face and so I recorded this brief introduction video below:

My background in software development began in 2006 when I went to go work for a startup. I started mostly in web design, found out it just wasn’t natural to me, then transitioned to web development. Web development kept me interested, but I wanted to do more complex work so I ended up moving to backend development.

That’s when I found something that kept me much more interested and began working with corporations as a software architect consultant.

Over the past 16 years I’ve gained a lot of experience in various technologies; APIs, databases, mobile apps (native and hybrid), and even proprietary software systems with little documentation. In fact, that’s where I thrive:

Throwing myself in the deep end to figure things out on my own.

While I broadly describe myself as a software architect, I do everything in between (except design) – from concept to deployment. I think big and fill in the details. What I don’t know I either research or delegate.

If I had to describe my niche as simply as possible I would say:

I’m an implementation focused software architect.

This unique background and perspective is best represented through my writing. I’m a firm believer in contributing what I’ve learned.